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Sontech specializes in creating innovative solutions to disturbing noise problems. Our aim is to develop and produce acoustical, thermal and vibration solutions providing comfortable end experiences. We have an in-house development laboratory and a production facility where we do a large part of the work, everything from development work to series manufacturing. We work in networks together with acoustical consultants and leading experts within aeroacoustics. Our areas of operation cover an extensive sphere, from complete vehicle systems to small subcomponents, in both indoor and outdoor environments. The common denominator is dampening noise.

Our Characteristics ​

  • Innovative solutions for noise problems

  • In-house research and development, often in collaboration with distinguished research centres in Europe

  • Quick decision-making processes that lead to shortest possible delivery times

  • Acustimet – a globally unique product family

  • Certified in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001

  • Approved as a supplier for vehicle manufacturers with high demands

  • A high level of customer satisfaction through well-structured management of the customer base and market

  • Reliable supplier with over 30 years of presence in the market

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