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During 2019 Sontech managed to enter on several cutting-edge research and development projects in close cooperation with our traditional partners, recognized universities, testing and measuring centers and research facilities, but also with new players in the industry, expanding our global presence and the application range of our solutions for the noise, vibration and heat challenges faced by them.
Some of this testing and trailing exercises done with our products are for applications in the engines of heavy construction, agriculture and forest machines, gear engines of military equipment, snow scooters and the cargo box of side-to-side vehicles, as well as washing machines, kitchen hoods and printing equipment.
Most recently Sontech was chosen for the provision of the absorbing metal parts for the skirts of the C30 trains, through 2022; we have also being delivering the finished parts in Acustimet for the air ducts in the H4 train project in Belfort until 2022. Our solutions have been included in the noise shields of an ABB motor delivered to Bombardier for the South Western and West Midlands projects.

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