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Sontech Enters New Markets

December 01, 2017

During 2017 Sontech has made large strategic investments into organic growth from new, unexplored markets, with primary targets in India, China and Eastern Europe. 

Concrete results of a two-year project have started to emerge with the establishment of Sontech’s presence in the Chinese market under 2018, and active orders from major local component manufacturers, as well as an active customer base expansion work for industrial EOM in India. 


Holland, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary are also key target markets for Sontech’s international expansion marketing function, without leaving aside our current Key Accounts in Germany, France and the rest of Europe.

The geographical expansion is led by Luisa Fernanda Burgoa-Narvaez who has been the International Sales Manager since 2015. 

Louisa takes care of the sales function across Europe with a primary focus on expanding Sontech’s presence beyond the customer base in Europe into new markets in Asia, Africa and hopefully in the near future, Latin America. She has a double Master’s Degree in Business and International Marketing and Negotiation from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia, and over 15 years’ experience dealing with foreign markets for B2B within complex industrial customers, most recently from Crane Currency, where she was responsible for the LatAm and Asia Regional Sales and Order Management for banknotes and security paper produced in Sweden.

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