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New Material

June 01, 2018

Our research department has recently launched another material included in the Acustimet family. The material is called AcustiLight and is a rigid self-contained noise-absorbing panel that has very low weight and can easily be used for wall panel elements for workplaces to screen and dampen noise. The flat and white surface makes the product very suitable for printing information and decorative pictures designed according to your preferences, without loosing its absorptive properties. There are several types of material combinations depending on the application area.

Some common applications include:

- Noise-reducing paintings
- Acoustic ceiling tiles
- Separation screens
- Phone cabins
- Machine noise screens
- Phase absorbers
- Air duct mufflers
- Classrooms
- Traffic noise screens

If you are interested in hearing more about AcustiLight, please feel free to contact our Director of R&D, Ralf Corin, at

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