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Acusticell SA with urethane film is a sound absorbing material of foamed polyurethane with open cells. The product is based on Acusticell SA but its surface is covered with an elastic film of urethane. The material can be bent and is self-adhesive. Can be combined with a mat for structure-borne sound damping and airborne sound insulation.

Acusticell SA with Urethane Film

  • Industry
    Factory machinery, fans, mills, printing and metal handling machinery, dust separators, timber handling equipment, electric generating sets, generators, engines, compressors.


    Transportation and vehicles
    Engine rooms in boats and vehicles, scooters, contractor’s and gardening machinery.


    Hospital care and large-scale kitchens
    Sink units, dishwashing machines, roller tables, vacuum cleaners.


    Lifts and motor rooms.


    Method of use
    The parts are cut or stamped to the required shape and carefully pressed on to a surface that must be free from oil, dirt, and dust.

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