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Damping foil 9 is a damping sheet for structure borne sound made of bitumen. The product is bendable and self-adhesive.

Damping Foil 9

  • Industry
    Machine tools, fans, chip extractors, printing machinery, vibrators, electric motors, hydraulic components.


    Transportation and vehicles
    Motorcars, buses, trucks, contractor’s machinery, forest machinery.


    Hospital care and large-scale kitchens
    Kitchen sink units, dishwashing machines, dialysis machines, circulation pumps, air pumps, roller tables.


    Lifts, motor rooms, fans and ducts.


    Computers, printers, picking and enveloping machines, copying machines.


    Method of use
    The parts are cut or stamped to the required shape and carefully pressed on to a surface that must be free from oil, dirt, and dust.

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