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Sandwich foil SFRT is a viscoelastic foil of fibre-enforced bitumen. The foil has self-adhesive glue at both sides for the application in between two constraining layers of constructional material.

Sandwich Foil SFRT

  • Industry
    Workshop machines, fans, mills, printers, material handling machines, particle separators, power equipment, generators, compressors, food processing machines, hoods.


    Transportation and vehicles
    Bus floors, off road vehicles, forest machines, ships and railway wagons.


    Printers, sorting- and enveloping machines, loud speakers.


    Elevators, steps, engine rooms, ventilation installations, doors, floors, transportation shoots, fans.


    Method of use
    The pieces are cut or punched out to the desired shape and carefully pressed on to the surface to be damped. When applied, the surface must be free from oil, dirt, and dust. The pressure has to exceed 30 N/cm2 for at least five minutes.

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